Insert Harry Potter ‘Phoenix’ Reference

September 26, 2011

For one reason or another I’ve been getting e-mail notifications of people subscribing to this blog which to me was a sign that… people still haven’t forgotten ZD.
So why haven’t we come back? Let’s be honest. Mano a mano.
We don’t have the willpower, staff, or the confidence that if we come back we will have any members.
That’s right. We’re scared… and tired.
Maybe we will come back someday à la the pits of forgotten internet rubble.
For those of you who still remember us… thanks! This is what love feels like I guess.


Update: Current status of

April 5, 2010

While we had hoped that a simple server reset would have our site back up, we have learned that our database is irreparable.
We do plan on returning in the near future.

Check back for updates.

[Update: 5/18/10]
ZD will return soon. We are discussing in which form we should bring it to you (another forums or an organized blog-style such as wordpress).

– ZD Staff